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Epson (Epson) Company was founded in May 1942, headquartered in Japan, currently has production and R&D institutions in 32 countries and regions on five continents. EPSON crystal products, accounting for more than 1/5 of the global market share, is the world's largest supplier of crystal clock products, and is the world's largest crystal coverage manufacturer, to achieve full coverage from KHz to GHz. EPSON is also the only manufacturer in the world that can produce both crystals and IC.

Official Authorized Agency Guarantee

EPSON Authorization Certificate       ←

Main Products and Characteristics

Angular velocity sensor

Temperature drift coefficient 1 LSB/ (?) C, crystal material, small volume, measurement range (?) 100 (?) s, temperature range - 40 ~ 85 (?) C.

EPSON is an electronic gyroscope, which uses double T crystals as the material to detect angular velocity. EPSON can provide single-axis gyroscope and gyroscope module. Digital output gyroscope is widely used in various kinds of robots, UAVs and industrial fields for anti-seismic and attitude control. It has excellent zero bias stability, small size, low power consumption and other general advantages.

Crystal, crystal oscillator, real-time clock

Programmable Crystal Oscillator: 0.67 MHz ~ 166 MHz arbitrary frequency points can be burned, - 40 ~ 105 C, +50 ppm accuracy, multiple packaging options, delivery period of 2 ~ 4 weeks.

TCXO Temperature Supplementary Crystal Vibration: The industry's highest accuracy, at full temperature conditions up to 0.1 ppm.

Active Crystal Vibration: A full range of packaged QMEMS processes with 5 times capacity, higher accuracy, better batch consistency and faster delivery.

Real-time clock module: built-in 32.768 KHz crystal, 160 mA ultra-low power consumption, only half of the separated type; overall accuracy 5 + 23 ppm.

Main application

Wearable, smart watches, e-books, hand-held measuring instruments, electronic multimeters, electronic scales, etc. Mobile phones and derivatives, wired networks/base stations, GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN/WIMAX, RFID/ISM, personal computers/tablets, digital cameras, set-top boxes (STB), industrial control, automotive electronics.

Selection Guide

Guidelines for Selection of Epson Crystal, Crystal Oscillator, Real-time Clock and Angular Velocity Sensor    ←

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